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It's all in the shadows

Blind Spot Gear’s Single Surface Emitter casts a beautiful shadow

Stand free at 45 degrees

Ingenious design allows for simple table top mounting

Wherever your camera goes

With two ¼” mounts, attach Tile Light to anything

Put the battery where you want

With multiple mounting points on the back of the Tile you can mount the battery as you prefer. For mounting flat power the light with the battery clip separately

A soft box like no other

Our revolutionary new soft box will be available soon

Increased light surface

Increase the aperture of Tile Light by 400%

0-100% dimming

No flicker even at high frame rates

Extend your light

Add an extension cord to control at distance

Made for each other

Scorpion Light is the perfect partner at 36 degree beam angle

45 minutes - 90 minutes - 135 minutes

All our lights run off the Sony NPF series

Everything in one box

Life is complicated enough so when you buy Tile Light everything is included in one box