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Included in the box 4 Scorpion Lights, 4 Travel AC, 4 Batteries, 4 Battery Adapters, 2 Travel Chargers, 4 Super Clamps, 1 Set of Rosco CineGels, 1 Fastener Kit, 1 Custom Cut Flight Case


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D-tap Cable $38.00
Extension Cable (3m) $32.00
Battery (NP-F550) $45.00
Battery Charger $25.00

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The Scorpion Light has a home in any film making situation, from the most remote location documentary filmmaking to Hollywood feature films.

The flexibility of the Scorpion Light really is mind boggling; it can be placed just about anywhere securing it by the 5/8" spigot or 1/4"-20 female thread, meaning it can be attached to the super clamp, a lighting stand or a camera cage, making it the most flexible light on the market.

This Scorpion 4 Light Set includes an amazing amount of kit; in fact, it has everything you need to go out into any location in the world and create amazing content. One price, one purchase, and everything you need.

The Scorpion Light has already been used in major Hollywood productions, most notably Trainspotting 2, the TV series Outlander, and a new Netflix original series. It has also been used for multiple BBC Productions, Sky Sports and National Geographic.



Lumens (Max) Daylight: 1050L Tungsten: 900L
CRI 90 Min
Colour Temperature Daylight: 5700k Tungsten: 3000k
Beam Angle (@ 50% intensity) 36°
Dimming 0-100%
Ambient temperature (use) 0℃ to 25℃
Ambient temperature (storage) -20℃ to 40℃


Input Voltage Range 5-25V DC
Max Current Draw 2.9A @5V
Max Power 15W
Runtime (Supplied Batteries) 85 Mins - 1:24 @Full Power
Power Connection Locking 3 pin Mini XLR
Power Supply Input* 110-240V AC
Power Supply Output* 12V DC
Power Supply Cable Length* 3m
Extension cord Length** 3m
Supplied Batteries Npf 570 style (2600mAh)


Lamp Size 450mm x 50mm x 50mm
Lamp Weight 405g
Mechanical Connections 16mm spigot Female 1/4" threaded mount
Gel Attachment Magnets
Materials Stainless Steel Brass CNC Aluminium
* AC Power supply is included with Quad set only. Also available as an optional accessory. ** Optional accessory only


What's the Power Draw?

Max power is 15W and Max current draw is 2.9A @5V.

What’s the traditional Tungsten equivalent in terms of Watts?

The Wattage, in terms of a traditional tungsten light, is 75W; however, our lens is 36 degrees @ 50% full angle. This means the light is directed and packs a punch - 1940 lux at 3 foot.

What are the Blind Spot Batteries? What’s their capacity and how long do they last?

The Blind Spot Gear Batteries are Sony NP-F batteries which can provide 2600mAh and run for 84 minutes on full power. Their supplied Voltage is 7.2V.

What voltage range can the light take?

5 to 25V DC

What are the Daylight photometrics?

Should my Scorpion Lights Flash when they run out of Battery?

Yes, the scorpion lights when running from battery last 80 minutes on full power. When the power runs out, they will flash on and off intermittently about a dozen times.

My Batteries haven't turned up, where are they?

Due to new legislation with lithium batteries and shipping our batteries now have to be shipped separately from the sets of lights. If they don't arrive on the same day as the lights they wont be far behind.

What’s the lux output at 3ft?

1940 Lux at 3 foot.

I notice there is a lens in front of the optic. What’s the throw of the light?

The beam angle is 36˚ at 50% full angle.

I shoot a lot of slow motion, are these lights flicker free?

Yes, they have been tested at frame rates up to 1400fps.

For what it’s worth, what is the CRI?

Our tungsten CRI is 94, our daylight CRI is a little lower, but it actually outputs a higher intensity (1050 lumes).

What are the Tungsten photometrics?

The Gels look a little strange, is there a protective cellophane on them?

Yes. To protect the Rosco Cine Gels we have them covered in cellophane, use your nail to peel off the protective sleeve before using them.