We love hearing about your adventures past, present and future. Pictures of your lighting and where you're filming get us pretty excited so be sure to send them over or get them to us on social #blindspotgear. If you have questions regarding our products, why not check out our F.A.Q to find your answer.

Blind Spot Gear
Garscadden House,
3 Dalsetter Crescent,
G15 8TG

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Meet the Team

Billy Campbell

Chief Explorer. If there is an unknown area or a territory unmarked, then you can be sure Billy will be trailblazing ahead in it. A two-time BAFTA winner and a Kodak award winning cinematographer specialising in extreme locations and foreign assignments, his work in film fitted perfectly with life.

James Campbell

Chief Cartographer. Finding his way through life has never been a challenge for him: always with a map in hand and steadfast footing. If there is a new direction to be taken, James will be there, scoping the horizon, drawing an outline plan, and making sure we know of any quicksand around the corner.

Alan Easdale

Chief Designer. Finding things in unexpected areas is Alan's speciality. If you send him out for cheese and biscuits, he'll come back with a screwdriver and a cow and a determination that it will only be a matter of time before the cheese and biscuits will materialise. New technology and innovative design seem to strew themselves on whatever path he chooses.

Douglas Campbell

Chief Prospector. Age and wisdom vs. youth and vigour! Luckily with Douglas and Billy on board, we have the best of both worlds. Douglas was a professional Director Cameraman for over 30 years. He started in the film unit at the BBC. Shooting films with Marina Abramovic, Del Boy and the cocaine drug lords of Columbia, he's seen it all, filmed it all and now he's the head of sales at Blind Spot Gear.

Stuart Campbell

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Luckily we have both with Stu. When we need to ship our life blood around the world this is the man to do it. A scorpion set to your door in 24 hours, he’ll make it happen. A smile and an endless charge of enthusiasm this is one logistical explorer that will not be stopped.

Could you be the next team member?

Do you want to join the expedition that is Blind Spot Gear? We’re always looking for talented individuals who can bring something to the team. If you think this is you, then let us know. Email us if you’re interested in applying.

Current Jobs

Electrical Engineer
Intern Product Development
Office Manager
Customer Support

People we would love to hire, but probably can't pay enough for:

Financial Director
Project manager with 20 years experience