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Alex Gage

What was the problem that you faced when you realised you needed a new solution?
The problems I faced with my old lighting were portability, access to electricity, and foreign travel with a full lighting kit.

How did you benefit from the scorpion lights, how did they fix the problem you faced?
Firstly, the main thing you notice about the lights is the price. To get a full kit of four lights with batteries and clamps for the price I did was amazing.

Since I bought them, I can honestly say I've used them on pretty much every shoot I've been on, in one way or another. From using all four on nicely lit sit-down feature interviews, to taking a daylight scorpion up to the gantry to use as a fill light on match reports for Gillette Soccer Saturday, they've proved hugely adaptable.

The ease of use is remarkable; interviews are quicker to set up, and the lights take up less room, making it easier to set up in the small bootrooms that we're sometimes asked to make look spectacular!

I've also found them perfect for foreign travel. Just being able to put the self-contained case on board knowing that the build quality is so good; it'll take anything the airline baggage handlers can (sometimes literally!) throw at it.

Every time I unpack them on a shoot people are interested in them; they look so smart and perform so well. I know another cameraman who's got a set, and is very happy with them, and the majority of cameramen who see them always mention that they're interested in getting a set.

Alex Gage

I'm a freelance cameraman with a Sky Sports contract, which involves filming interviews, features, lives and matches in the UK and abroad.