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Lust for Light: T2 Trainspotting

This entry was posted on March 2, 2017 by BillyCampbell.

It's fair to say that starting a company and launching a product into the market is a roller coaster ride full of successes and even sometimes the odd failure. What we read in this months issue of American Cinematographer was a definite success.

First of all a bit of background. The American Cinematographer; this has been one of the building blocks of my entire creative life, it started when I noticed this magazine that no-one other than my father would read. It was full of puzzling diagrams, technology and industrious men standing around cameras. I then started to notice a recurring present under the Christmas tree, always the same magazine shape terribly wrapped and left waiting for a keen mind to devour.



At film school no-one bothered to pay the subscription fees and the library copy by the middle of the month was bruised and battered, and by the third week it always got stolen by an over keen student. You had to be quick to flick through the crisp untarnished pages.

As I'm sure for many of you reading this, a dream has been to be featured in the illustrious magazine, American Cinematographer. Well, this month, Blind Spot Gear and the Scorpion lights had their first mention in the magazine. Blind Spot Gear supplied lighting to T2 Trainspotting shot by Anthony Dod Mantle and directed by Danny Boyle. The film was the cover story of this months edition of the magazine and there in print are the Scorpion lights and Blind Spot Gear.



Blind Spot Gear dod mantle trainspotting scorpion Dod Mantle and Boyle review a setup

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