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9 reasons why CamerImage is the most important film festival you’ve never heard of

This entry was posted on December 14, 2016 by BillyCampbell.

Poland's CamerImage film fest brings the art of cinematography into focus. A hidden gem on the global film festival circuit, Poland's annual CamerImage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography is one of the few film events in the world to focus exclusively on the craft of cinematography.

No other festival in the world has such respect and appreciation for the art of cinematography. You can’t throw a rock without hitting an Oscar nominated cinematographer. This year alone the likes of Anthony Dod Mantle, Ed Lachamn, Chris Doyle, Vittorio Storaro, Bradford Young, Michael Chapman, Greig Fraser, and Steve Yedlin were all hosting seminars, master classes and talking with adoring fans about their work.


Here are just 9 reasons it should be on every filmmakers bucket list.

Quality of cinematographers. that attend is genuinely awesome. Just a few names over the years have been, Michael Ballhaus, Paul Cameron, Roger Deakins, Anthony Dod Mantle, Stephen Goldblatt, László Kovács, Matthew Libatique, Robby Müller, Guillermo Navarro, Wally Pfister, Dick Pope, Oliver Stapleton, Tom Stern and Harris Savides to name a few. anthony-dod-mantle_bradford-young_photo-ewelina-kaminska


Masterclasses. The festival is jam packed full of amazing Masterclasses, a memorable one was Roger Deakins recreating his lighting set ups from ‘No Country For Old Men’ with nothing more than a few red heads. This year we saw Michael Chapman DOP of ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Raging Bull’ host a wonderful masterclass.

picture by Aleksander Salski

6am Finishes. The festival has a serious party element. The nightclubs and Bars keep going until 6am in the morning.

New Tools. The CamerImage Market has all the new toys on display and company’s such as Arri and Panavision host seminars about their new technology. This year the talk of the town was the Panavision DXL.

_y6a0118 Picture by Paweł Malinowski

Poland has a long history of vodka and there is no better place to sample the wonderful flavours this drink has to offer.

Inspiration through osmosis. Talking about cinematography and the art of the image, along with the unique atmosphere that the festival creates it is impossible not feel your creative spirit being refreshed.

dsc00078 The Blind Spot Gear Bar in conjunction with Cheat.

Meet your heroes. One of the best spots at the festival was at our Bar (yes Blind Spot Gear & Cheat had a Bar). This is where hundreds of cinematographers wind down and party through the night. Below is Ed Lachman demonstrating the famous shot in Carol using Blind Spot Gears Scorpion Light. For more information about Blind Spot Gear and their lights check out

ed-lachamn Picture by Billy Campbell in the Blind Spot Gear Bar

The films that are selected are chosen for their cinematic prowess. Throughout the day films are played in the main competition, music video, documentary and short film and retrospectives. Of course you’ve guessed it, the prizes are all for best cinematography.

It’s Cheap. Living isn’t cheap but luckily CamerImage is. The entry is no more than $100 for the week and whilst in Poland it’s about $1.2 a drink and only $6 for a meal.

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