light v2

The Scorpion Light has a home in any filmmaking situation, from the most remote location documentary filmmaking to Hollywood feature films.


Its rugged portability, dependability, and flexible nature have made it the light of choice for professional photographers and filmmakers working with productions across the world in the most demanding environments.




Since introducing the Scorpion to the market we have been working and learning from our customers and we've drawn on this experience and knowledge to redesign the Scorpion Light for the mobile professional. 


By increasing the thickness and reducing its length the v2 shows huge improvements to the original Gooseneck. The brand new lens design and LED makes the new Scorpion Light 30% brighter, producing 2400 lux at one meter, while also providing an increased colour quality with a TLCI score of 94 to compete with industry leading lights.


Scorpion v2 Duo

Flexibility, portability, and speed. The Scorpion Light with it’s 16mm spigot can be attached to virtually anything making it the perfect light when time and space are tight.

Scorpion v2 Quad

This is the ultimate Scorpion set, 4 lights and all the accessories you need to get you through your shoot. 

Great for universities and rentla houses.

What People are saying

Eric Salford, Cameraman

“I got the scorpion lights, and OH MY GOD THEY ARE AMAZING! After having tested them in two different locations, I don’t see how I will ever use any other light with- out crying inside. The ability to light so selectively without cutting light for ages is such a huge time saver and makes location work so much better!!!”

Ben Rolands, Production company owner

“What we loved was the speed of rigging them in all the places you dream to place a light but don’t normally have time for.”

Paul Massey, DOP

"A hugely tight and tricky location that, to be honest, we thought was bust. We used them in place of and in order to augment practical lights and the results were incredible. We simply could not have achieved the images we captured today without your lights. Massively impressed with them just as I have been with your Tile lights too."

 What's in the box-Duo 

  •  Scorpion V2 Lamp Assembly D        2 

  •  Set of Rosco Gels                  1 

  •  Usb Battery Charger (Sony NP-F)    1 

  •  Battery (NP-F550)                  2 

  •  Scorpion Battery Adapter           2 

  •  Super Clamp                        2 

  •  Lamp Accessory Pack                1 

  •  Scorpion V2 DUO EVA case           1 

 What's in the box-quad 

  •  Scorpion V2 Lamp Assembly D         4 

  •  Set of Rosco Gels                   1 

  •  Scorpion Travel AC                  4 

  •  Usb Battery Charger (Sony NP-F)     2 

  •  Battery (NP-F550)                   4 

  •  Scorpion Battery Adapter            4 

  •  Super Clamp                         4 

  •  Lamp Accessory Pack                 1 

  •  SV2 Quad Flight Case Assembly       1 




Lumens                                    770 Lm

Optical System         Primary Optic + TIR Optic

Beam Angle                  27 (half Peak angle)

Colour Temperature                    (CCT)5600k




Dimming                    Built-in rotary dimmer

Gel Attachment                Magnetic attachment

Mounting             16mm spigot with 1/4" 20 tpi

Connections     Power in:  Locking 3 pin Mini XLR





Lamp materials                        Stainless steel/Brass/CNC Aluminium

Lamp abuse                  resistanceExtreme toughness, drop proof to 3m

Packed case weight & size                              55x20x33cm, 10.5kg

Air travel         Carry on approved, overhead compartment with batteries




Max Power                                                            16w

Max Current Draw                                            2.5a (@6.5V)

Voltage Range                                                   5-10V DC

Power supply (AC)             AC 9v output, 3m cord, international plugs

Power supply (battery)            Battery Adapter (sony NP-f compatible)

70 min run time with the supplied battery.

Power Supply (camera/pro battery)  D-Tap cable available (*not included)




1m                      2400lx, 50cm diameter

2m                      610lx, 100cm diameter

3m                      270lx, 150cm diameter




Lamp Size & weight                                  38 x 6 x 6cm - 0.3kg 

Lamp Size & weight                 (Imperial)15" x 2.36" x 2.36" - 0.65lb

Outer carton Dims                        (metric)55 x 36 x 22 cm - 10.5kg

Outer carton Dims                  (imperial)21.7 x 14.2 x 8.7" - 23.15lb