Power Pipes version 2

The Power Pipe v2 give you the freedom to power your devices from readily available and affordable Power Delivery devices. No longer do you need to invest in expensive V-lock and Gold mount battery systems.


The Power Pipe negotiates 12v output from your USB C device and delivers it where it's needed. You can power most 12v devices (up to 3a) including the Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera using a modern USB C (PD equipped) Power bank or mains AC power adapter

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Power Pipe

This 18" long USB-C PD to Male 5.5mm OD, 2.5mm centre pin DC barrel power cable enables you to power your 12V device using an external power bank or mains AC that have USB-C Power Delivery capabilities.


This new version (V2) now comes with increased reliability improved overmolds, cable tie mounts and included a host of DC adaptors.


Your power source must offer 12V, you can find this info printed on your power delivery device or in its technical specifications.


12V - Specs

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Power Pipe

This 18" long USB-C PD to 2-Pin power cable enables you to power your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K or 6K using an external power bank or mains AC that have USB-C Power Delivery capabilities.


One end features USB-C PD, and the other end features a 2-pin LEMO-type connector (Weipu SF61B/S2) that plugs into your camera.


bmpcc - Specs

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Suggested Power Banks

Below are a selection of tried and tested power banks that are available on Amazon. All of these have 12V output from their USBC PD port.

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Reducing Impact
& giving back

At Blind Spot, we are making a big push to reduce our impact on the natural world through the use of less damaging materials and by off-setting our carbon footprint we hope all other companies will do the same.

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1 % profit of all Blind Spot Gear sales is invested in planting and re-wilding projects with Trees For Life.

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Our cables are made from TPE which is more recyclable than standard PVC cables. It’s also halogen-free and contains less toxic materials.

Packaging is 100% recyclable.

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Trees for Life

Blind Spot Gear is ecstatic to announce our partnership with Trees for Life. Blind Spot is a small and dynamic company, and our values are at the core of what we do, informing our decisions large and small from day-to-day to product launches. 


To rewild the Scottish Highlands by enabling the restoration of the globally unique Caledonian Forest which once covered much of Scotland.