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Getting to locations for a filmmaker, checking maps, schedules and call sheets have never been easier with mobile technology, but keeping everything powered and charged can be a pain, not anymore. With two 5W USB ports, you can use your NP-F batteries as an external battery pack to power your phone and any other USB accessories whilst on the move.



The core function of the Power Junkie is to power almost any DSLR for extended periods of filmmaking. Including all Sony cameras and the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. 



The DC Barrel port directly outputs the raw power of the NP-F battery, 7.2V, couple this to your DSLR, Mirrorless or BMPCC4K with Blind Spots range of dummy battery adapters and you massively extend filmmaking and photography time and achieve quick battery swapping. 



Simultaneously use all three ports at the same time to a maximum of 20W. Power your DSLR camera, a film light and a wireless microphone receiver all at the same time.




The functionality and flexibility of the Power Junkie doesn't stop there. The Power Junkie is an NPF charger all Sony NPF Batteries.


Input power via USB-C or micro USB for charging. 


USB power is now everywhere, you are already set up. Use existing USB power sources to help reduce electrical waste.



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Dummy Batteries

Use the Power Junkie Adapters to connect your camera to a Power Junkie. This adapter fits inside your camera's battery compartment, allowing you to replace the battery pack, providing a low-cost solution for increased shoot time and to reduce battery charging downtime.

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Options available 

Sony FW50

Sony FW100

Panasonic BLF19-DMW 

Nikon EP-5A 

Canon DR-E6

Fuji NP-W126s

BSG-1302-010-01 Power Junkie Adapoer Pan
BSG-1302-012-01 Power Junkie Adapter Son
BSG-1302-008-01 Power Junkie Adapter Can
BSG-1302-008-01 Power Junkie Adapter Son

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