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Power Junkie version 2

Blind Spot is back on Kickstarter with the Power Junkie v2. While the world has been upside down and inside out, we've been smashing out the newest hottest thing in camera powering systems since... well, ever!


Let us explain.

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USB Type C Power Delivery, (mouthful) has come on leaps and bounds since version 1 of the Power Junkie. With complex, intricate and thoughtful electrical engineering, we can now push and pull power from this fantastic port. We have made this indeed a complete powering solution. 

Connect your Power Junkie to a conventional PD charger, which will charge the NPF Battery at 18W. This is four times faster than the v1.

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Power Pipe 12V vesion 2

tech Specs

Power Pipe BMPCC vesion 2

Reducing Impact
& giving back

At Blind Spot, we are making a big push to reduce our impact on the natural world through the use of less damaging materials and by off-setting our carbon footprint we hope all other companies will do the same.

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1 % profit of all Blind Spot Gear sales is invested in planting and re-wilding projects with Trees For Life.

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Our cables are made from TPE which is more recyclable than standard PVC cables. It’s also halogen-free and contains less toxic materials.

Packaging is 100% recyclable.

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