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David Christopher Pitt

When shooting a feature on a limited budget, finding the right gear for the job is priority number one. Finding a light that you can not only set up quickly, but allows you to shape and perfect the look of your film is crucial when deadlines are on the horizon. The scorpion light meets every single one of these requirements. I can shape, set, and create beautiful light in no time at all.

Right out of the box, the scorpion light is a very hard light source. Personally, my favorite way to use the scorpion lights is to treat them like mini par cans or dedolights. I clamp one onto the end of a c-stand arm and boom the light just out of frame to get a very strong backlight or a slightly overexposed sun spot on a table. The 36° beam angle lets me focus on exactly what I need to accent and the dimmer lets me dial in the light wherever I need it to be, making it perfect for fine tuning the look I’m trying to create.

They also work great for a soft key light. I have recently been clamping all four to a c-stand arm and directing the light into bleached muslin or 4x4 foam core and been getting great results as a key light. It is very similar to Shane Hurlbut’s batten light, but on a smaller scale. Another cheap and effective way to diffuse these lights is using mini soft boxes built for on camera flash.

Even when using large light sources or working with natural light, I will always put up my scorpion lights. If I need to add a small catch light, accent a wall, add some color contrast or lower a contrast ratio I can quickly and easily set up a scorpion to shape the light exactly as I need it.

The scorpion lights are an essential piece of gear that I bring with me on every project. They often spark up a positive conversation on set and by the end blow the crew away. The scorpion lights are a must-have for any filmmaker. Quick, easy, and beautiful lighting each and every time.

David Christopher Pitt

Cinematographer David Christopher Pitt has emerged as a refreshing young talent in independent cinema. His work has a darker haunting quality while retaining a beautiful elegance.


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