It is with great pleasure that I am introducing to you the Power Junkie & Crack Light. 


These products have seen immense success via Kickstarter and now in the US, UK and Germany via resellers and distribution. It is now time to start opening our sales channels worldwide.



This is a no-brainer of a product which is compatible with every mirrorless and small camera on the market. It's a very easy up-sell with large margins.


I strongly suggest taking 4 minutes to watch the video below as it clearly and beautifully demonstrates this fantastic product's capabilities.​



We look forward to hearing from you

James McAlpine

Crack Light

A must-have tool for filmmakers and photographers. Power this light from USB or your phone. A featherweight at only 19 grams.

Compatible Cameras

Sale Stats

These sale stats are based on the first 1000 unit sales of the Power Junkie. They were generated from Google Analytics during our Kickstarter campaign Kickstarter, the pre-sales platform. 

Time to Convert 


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