The Scorpion Light

What's the Power Draw?

Max power is 15W and Max current draw is 2.9A @5V.

What voltage range can the light take?

5 to 25V DC

What’s the traditional Tungsten equivalent in terms of Watts?

The Wattage, in terms of a traditional tungsten light, is 75W; however, our lens is 36 degrees @ 50% full angle. This means the light is directed and packs a punch - 1940 lux at 3 foot.

What’s the lux output at 3ft?

1940 Lux at 3 foot.

What are the Blind Spot Batteries? What’s their capacity and how long do they last?

The Blind Spot Gear Batteries are Sony NP-F batteries which can provide 2600mAh and run for 84 minutes on full power. Their supplied Voltage is 7.2V.

I notice there is a lens in front of the optic. What’s the throw of the light?

The beam angle is 36˚ at 50% full angle.

I shoot a lot of slow motion, are these lights flicker free?

Yes, they have been tested at frame rates up to 1400fps.

For what it’s worth, what is the CRI?

Our tungsten CRI is 94, our daylight CRI is a little lower, but it actually outputs a higher intensity (1050 lumes).

The Tile Light

How can I mount the TILE LIGHT?

The TILE LIGHT has two 1/4" threaded attachment points. This will allow mounting to all standard grip equipment. A supplied Ball Mount accessory allows for easy manipulation when attached to any mount.

How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping the TILE LIGHT depends on the country in which you want to receive this box of fun. Prices are available from a drop down menu when selecting your reward.

Does the TILE LIGHT have a dimmer?

The TILE LIGHT has a built in 5 step dimmer, but can be continuously dimmed with the optional wired remote dimmer.

How do I power the TILE LIGHT?

The TILE LIGHT can plug directly into mains power, but we personally love using it with battery power so that we can utilize it anywhere: on the run, in small spaces (e.g., a car), and where there is no other power available.

What is the TILE LIGHT made of?


Are your accessories available separately? Where can I get these from?

Blind Spot Gear has an e-commerce site waiting and ready to launch for when this campaign finishes and we complete your pledges. You'll be able to buy male to male spigots, battery clips, gels, suctions mounts, lighting stands and loads of other cool essential items.

How hot does the light get?

The TILE LIGHT should never reach more than 60°C.

What colour temperature is the light?

The TILE LIGHT puts out high CRI 5600K balanced light.

Which batteries are included in the complete TILE LIGHT set?

High Capacity Sony NP-F 770 style lithium batteries