At Blind Spot Gear we're on a mission to make the most portable, flexible and innovative lighting & powering systems for the film industry. 

 All we care about is designing world-class products; enabling you to blow peoples minds, tell your story & turn any location into a visual masterpiece. 


Blind Spot is led by Billy Campbell (far right), 2 time BAFTA winner and a Kodak Award-winning cinematographer. In the team are some seriously talented mechanical and electrical engineers. Also in the team is 'Old man Blind Spot' (far left), yup this is the father of Billy who has over 35 years experience as a working cinematographer working on some of the biggest productions in the UK. 


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Product Warranty

At Blind Spot Gear we produce quality products that are built to last. Our products go through rigorous testing procedures before sale; however, in the event of receiving a product that fails to meet these standards - we have you covered. Warranty Summary

  • All accompanying components and accessories are covered by the same warranty (excluding Gels)
  • All Blind Spot products come with a 1 year worldwide warranty.
Returns Policy Summary
  • All returns must be made to the place of purchase. Blind Spot will not accept returns if a product has been sold via a third-party vendor. For example, if you purchased via Amazon, the return must be initiated and sent to Amazon, likewise for CVP and B&H.
  • We do not offer refunds or returns on items received as Kickstarter rewards.
The support we get from our Kickstarter backers is what enables us to run and grow our business, gather customer feedback, design new products and improve existing ones. In the Kickstarter community, the items that you receive after making a pledge are referred to as "rewards" because they are not purchases in the traditional sense. They are gifts - in our case, camera products - that are sent to our supporters as a token of appreciation for their support of our business. In the same way that public television funds their service through the pledges of their supporters, who in turn receive gifts and continued programming, we have chosen to run and grow our business on a crowdfunded business model. We appreciate your understanding of our policy and the support you have given us. If your reward truly offers no value to you, here are a few things that you could do in the spirit of crowdfunding… 1. Give your reward to a friend. Our products might not work for you, but there are many folks out there who might find them very valuable. We'd love for you to share our gear with a friend of yours. 2. Sell your reward to somebody. Many Kickstarter rewards were purchased below the retail value – if you want to recoup that value and possibly even more, throw your reward up on eBay. 3. Give your reward another chance. Some of our products can take some getting used to. All of our gear is designed for use in a variety of scenarios. Maybe it doesn't work for you right now, but perhaps you'll find the right time and place in the future.


Please contact the retailer who you purchased your Blind Spot product from. Or use the contact form above.

Blind Spot's Policies

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Can I still buy the Scorpion Light?

Although the Scorpion Light was and still is one of the best detail light designed for filmmakers, Blind Spot chose to discontinue the product. It was a tough decision, but external factors, including increased import duties to the US and unprecedented world events, meant the product was no longer viable. We made this choice so we could focus entirely on our Power Range and smaller light fixtures. Hopefully in the future we will be able to re-visit this increadible form factor. I'm sorry if this is sad news to you the user of this lighting system.