crack light


crack light

The ultra-compact design could not be more portable. It fits in any gear bag and barely weighs a thing.

It has enough punch to be used as an excellent phone light, a top light or a detailed fill light. With TLCI over 97 all colours shades and tones are spot-on accurate.


It's mega portable yet can run all day, the vast array of USB accessories make it all possible. Mounting is made easy with many options to choose from.

The flexibility of this light knows no bounds, from social media, content creation, run and gun and macro photography, the possibilities are endless.

 Flexible and durable 

 Power from any USB even your 

 DJI Mobile 3 

 Power your crack light directly from your mobile phone.

Never be without light again. 

Tiny Design 

Big Idea

The Crack Light takes tiny and innovative design to a level not seen in another LED light.


No thicker than a credit card, you'll never leave home without it. Supported by an array of mounting options, the waterproof Crack Light brings beautiful light to any situation.

 No thicker than a credit card 

 Power from any USB power outlet. 

Perfect Skin Tones

The Crack Light has professional-grade LEDs (TLCI>97, CRI>95) This means your images will have beautiful colour rendition, your skin tones will be more accurate and beautiful than ever before.


Despite its tiny size light output is punchy with 1830lx@0.3m, a genuinely epic power to weight ratio.

3-100% Dimming

The Crack Light has an optional dimmer that allows you to adjust brightness more conveniently. Using the dimmer and affordable USB extensions, you have total control of your light — the perfect solution for in-car lighting, check out the video opposite!

 The perfect tool for filming in cars and on the road

 Univesal adapter kit included with every Crack Light 

Universal Adapter

The included mounting block and Velcro pads add a tremendous amount of versatility and adaptability. They offer you the ability to mount the Crack Light to light stands and other mounting tools using the 1/4 screw thread on the underside and back. Velcro comes into play in tight spaces like in-car lighting and under shelving. Finally, tack is recommended as a quick adjustable way to position the featherweight Crack Light.